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Use ovrlp for analyzing survey responses data, interview summaries and more on Google Sheets. Automatically run qualitative analysis on the data to find overlapping feedback, trends & insights!

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Most surveys & interviews never lead to actionable insights

It's time-consuming & tedious to manually analyze survey response data, interview transcripts and run any meaningful qualitative analysis.


Spend time on survey


Gather responses


Never analyze them

All you need toget quick insights

  • Overlp generates word frequency lists to understand common themes in your data. Ovrlp automatically removes any noise in the data including Stopwords (Stopwords are common words that do not add much value or meaning to the text, such as articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and pronouns).
  • No, it is not Python coding! Qualitative coding refers to codifying the data around common themes. This is the process of systematically categorizing excerpts in your qualitative data in order to find themes and patterns.
  • Ovrlp groups responses into personas. Created based on the commonalities in answers, personas can be thought of as an archetypal profile of typical customer or respondent.
  • Generate high-level insights automatically from your data, so you don't have to spend countless hours on codifying, and analyzing it. You can run Ovrlp on any type of qualitative data, to generate insights!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • ovrlp is our browser extension, currently under development!
  • ovrlp beta will launch in June 2024! Please sign-up below or create an account to join our waitlist.

  • ovrlp currently only works on Google Chrome, Brave browser, and Opera, also it supports only Google Sheets.

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